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Introducing Joivo

Joivo is one of the fastest growing Smart Home Security & Home Automation service companies in the United States. We’ve simplified an all-in-one unified platform, by combining Smart Home Security  & Smart Home Automation. Take a minute to view our video and envision the comfort in security our system offers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the highest level of individual and personalized customer service while providing our customers with the most innovated smart home automation & security technology. Our dedication to industry leadership, customer satisfaction, and a happy workplace is what allows us to grow.


The Wireless ID Trap

Patent pending device and technology, that can identify an intruder by pulling their personal information from any smart device or mobile phone.

Peace of Mind

joivo will provide you with the peace of mind that your home is being monitored 24/7 without you even being there. On vacation? Peace of mind is right in your hands with joivo from across the room or across the world.


joivo will allow you to operate, manage, and control your home with fully customized scenes. Arrive to a well-lit home as soon as the door opens, unlock or lock a door remotely, or see if you left a light on.


joivo will immediately notify you when a door or window is opened, motion has been detected, or alert you with a high definition video feed from the joivo camera right to your smartphone or tablet.

Energy Savings

joivo places you in control of your home's energy consumption. Manage high-energy appliances, your customized thermostat to respond to your lifestyle and result in lowering you energy consumption and costs.

Burglars enter through unlocked door or window 0
Burglaries that result in arrests 0
Percentage of burglaries are residential 0

Home Security Industry

The home security industry has not changed in the last several decades. Third party monitoring continues to display its flaws and the delays in notifying its customers has continuously been a disappointment. With the evolution of technology being integrated into the Smart Home, it is time Home Security welcomed the change.

Traditional home security companies do not provide homeowners with enough devices to accurately monitor their home.

Traditional third party monitoring average response time is over 13 minutes, allowing the intruder to flee without being detected.

Smart Home vs
Traditional Home Values

Smart Home features when selling your home

When you eventually sell your home, smart devices can pay off in a number of ways. According to Consumer Reports, smart home features can boost your home’s resale value by up to 7% – that’s $21,000 on a $300,000 home. Research also shows that home appraisers are beginning to factor in the value of tech features.


ICOs Evalueted


Years Experience

Smart Home

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Home Resale Value

  • Home for Sale on Market

  • Needed Repairs

Traditional Home

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Home Resale Value

  • Home for Sale on Market

  • Needed Repairs

Competitive Rates Like No Other

Joivo offers 20 device options at competitive rates.
  • Apartment and Small Business
  • Providing single living and small businesses a security makeover

    • Zero upfront cost on devices
    • Every entry point is secured
    • Video surveillance and motion detection
  • $ 29 95
  • Home and New Construction
  • With over 20 unique devices available to outfit your home, Joivo is the ultimate all-in-one unified platform that brings your home to life.

    • Zero upfront cost for devices
    • Every entry point is secured
    • Multiple cameras including minis
    • Immediate alerts and push notifications
  • $ 39 95

Price plans

The ultimate all-in-one unified platform

With smart home technology emerging and multiple companies offering similar device options with pricing all over the map, we wanted to simplify the customers experience by offering two simple pricing plans that will appeal to the overall consumer.

No upfront costs

Over 20 individual devices

Mobile app and tablet access

Zwave, zigbee, wifi and bluetooth compatible

No hidden upgrade fees

Cloud video storage included

Android and iOS compatible

Capable of managing over 65 devices in a single home


It was overwhelming walking into a big box store trying to find devices that work together for a smart home or security system. The added bonuses with Joivo was no upfront cost for devices, an all-in-one app, over 20 devices protecting our home and the Wireless ID Trap technology is amazing! We actually feel secure in our home again.

Linda Porter
Home Owner

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